Comprehension. 8. Answer the questions on the text:

8. Answer the questions on the text:

1. Why do employees need to be accomplished at what they do?

2. What personal qualities do general managers need to be successful?

3. What personal quality is, in your opinion, the most important one? Why?

4. Who must be viewed as being vital to the operation? Why?

5. What are the main management functions?

6. What is a key to keeping employees happy, according to Dorm Takahashi?

9. Use proper words and phrases in the box below to complete these sentences.

1. A successful GM tends to hire ____.

2. Workers who are _____ need to be very experienced and loyal.

3. One of the most often Comprehension. 8. Answer the questions on the text: quoted _____ of GMs is patience.

4. ____ of all hotels is to sell rooms and ensure that guests have a perfect stay.

5. Cutting turnover is __to the performance of any hotel.

Say whether the following statements are true or false. Comment on the true statements and correct the false ones.

1. Nearly all general managers have to make certain sacrifices in or­der to become successful.

2. New employees do not have to be compatible with the whole group.

3. All companies give detailed general manager profiles.

4. A successful GM deliberately hires experts who know more about what they are hired for Comprehension. 8. Answer the questions on the text: than he does.

5. To achieve excellent results, all employees must be viewed as be­ing vital to the performance of a hotel.

6. To be successful a GM should fire his best workers and send them to competing hotels.

7. Mutual respect among a GM and an owner is a key to keeping all employees happy.


Define optimum ways of becoming a successful general manager

• a broad range of personal qualities

• leadership

• attention to detail

• having the job done

• be hardworking and responsible

• to face challenges

• to overcome difficulties

• to define the hotel commitment to excellence

• to achieve a first-class facility

• to view workers

• to be vital to the operation.

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